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Researching Potential Careers and Training Needed

Having the end goal in mind goes a long way in helping you in the planning process. With that plan you can build that foundation to realistically pursue your goals. Not sure what you want to do for a living or would you like to confirm or see potential possibilities? Check out the websites below to begin looking into some possibilities....
Career Planning Websites
A great local resource that helps with career and education planning.
Try the five minute interest assessment by carreronestop see some potential careers.
A Career Clusters Interest Survey - a link to English/Spanish PDF assessment.
Research job work values, job functions, and details. Find out the work values you'll like about the job.
There are thousands of occupations out there, the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) has great occupational information for you at your finger tips. 
The military has thousands of careers to choose from this website helps explore the possibilities. 
Find Out What It Costs To Support Yourself Or Live A Certain Lifestyle
Use this little tool to see what you'd need to earn to live the lifestyle you'd want after high school or college.
A neat tool that allows you figure out what it takes to support yourself using Washington State figures - a statewide cost of living calculator.