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Dress Code

Granger High School Student Uniforms Required

We take pride in the appearance of our students.  Your dress reflects the quality of the school, your conduct, and your school work. We expect students to maintain the type of appearance that is not distracting to teachers or students, or a detriment to the educational process of the school. This is your school and it is up to you as individuals and as a student body to cultivate personal cleanliness, modesty in appearance, mannerly behavior, and good, moral character. Respect yourselves for the way you look, act, and learn; then, others will respect you.


Realizing that dress and appearance affect some attitudes, students should dress in a manner conducive to good conduct and appearance in order to help create a good educational atmosphere in the school.  Clothing shall be clean and in good repair.  The health, cleanliness, and safety of students shall be of paramount importance. The responsibility to interpret and enforce the Granger School District’s Policy and procedures rests with each principal’s professional judgment for his/her school. The decision to allow for temporary exemption from certain guidelines shall be left to the discretion of the administration.



  • Pants: Tan/black/blue/white pants or jeans may be worn. Pants with holes more than 4 inches above the knee are not permitted. Rips and frays should be kept to a minimum to keep professional appearance in tact. Pants may not be more than one size too big or too small.  Pants must be able to stay in place at the top of the hips if the belt is removed.  Underwear is not to be exposed under any circumstances. No yoga pants or sweat pants. No writing allowed on pants.
  • Skirts – Same colors and material as pants and must be no shorter than 4” above the knee.
  • ShirtsALL STUDENTS MUST WEAR A BLACK, WHITE OR RED POLO OR AN OFFICIAL SPARTAN SCHOOL LOGO T-SHIRT – Regardless of the outer wear such as jackets, sweaters, or sweatshirts that are worn in order to keep warm. Uniform shirts are red, white, or black polo shirts – long or short sleeved.  These may be no more than one size too small or too large.  Undershirts must be white, black or red (T-shirt under polo). Official Spartan Logo T-Shirts are those made available to students through School Clubs, Athletics, and the Spartan Student Store.
  • Outer wear – Students may wear outerwear (coats) to and from school. Coats do not need to be in uniform color. However, the intent is for the outerwear to be hung up or put in lockers upon arrival to school. If students would like to wear jackets, sweatshirts or sweaters during the school day, they must be of uniform colors in SOLID red, black, white or “spirit” outerwear, as long as their polo shirt/Spartan t-shirt is still worn underneath. Hooded sweatshirts are allowed but all hoods must remain down until you leave after school.
  • Belts – Belts should not hang low or consist of metal/plastic studs, inappropriate designs/writing.   
  • ShoesSlippers and flip flops are not permitted. Students must wear closed toed shoes in PE & shop classes for safety.
  • No hats, masks, headbands/bandannas, hoods, or beanies are to be worn indoors. No visible rosaries are allowed.
  • Administration has a right to stop any pattern, for example groups wearing identical earrings, chains, bracelets, etc. or anything that may be mistaken for gang affiliation. 
Game/performance day & Sports Teams Competition Day Clothing
  • Attire for sports teams, including cheer, dance and robotics teams, as well as performance groups such as choir:  Coaches/choir directors may determine the game day/performance day attire for their team/performance group.  This may be team apparel or it may be a dress shirt and tie, sport coats, “travel” gear such as shells, warm-up pants and tops, etc.  Students must only wear the coach designated “gear of the day,” or the regular school uniform on game/performance days.  Student athletes may wear team apparel on that day (i.e. football polo’s/jerseys, volleyball travel suits, Basketball “Dress-up and ties/travel suits, Track and Field Shells, etc.).
Student Dress/Discipline
  • If the student’s dress or grooming violates the above code and/or is sent to the office by a classroom teacher for a dress code violation, the administrator or his/her designee will request the student make the appropriate corrections.  If the student refuses, the administrator or his/her designee should notify the parent and request that the student make the necessary correction.  If both the parent and student refuse to make the correction, the administrator or his/her designee shall take the appropriate corrective action including suspension, removal, or exclusion from school and /or extracurricular activity for the period of time determined by the administrator. 
Updated 8/18/19