Student Identity Badges

All students are required to have their ID badge with them while on school grounds. Every student will be issued an ID badge at the beginning of the year. A replacement badge will be given if a student loses their badge or it becomes defaced.  Any replacement badges after the two previously provided will cost students $5 and can be purchased in the ASB office.  This card will be used for the lunch program, to checkout library books, gain admission to dances and other activities, computer and internet access and provides identification to school personnel. This card will also function as an ASB card if the ASB fee is paid. An ASB card is required for all students who participate in ASB activities and school athletics. Failure to show ID or identify oneself when asked by any staff member can result in school disciplinary action.


Activity Cards

All student activities, such as athletics, assemblies, dances, clubs, etc., are financed by student generated funds.  One of the most important sources of revenue for these programs is the student activity card- ASB.  Students participating in all athletic and activity programs are required to hold a valid activity card for the academic year to be eligible for participation. The cost of the card is $35.00.  Students with a valid activity card are provided with free admission to all athletic events at home events and reduced admission at away events. 


ASB Card – The ASB card must be purchased from the school office prior to the first competition. It allows participants to get into home events for free and away events at a reduced rate.

Participants will not be allowed to participate without a current physical exam on file. They must also have the GSD Activities/Athletics Clearance Form and the Concussion Information Sheet completed and handed in to their coach or Mr. Pearson in order to be able to practice.