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Sexual Health Curriculum

A letter was sent to the parents of students with instructions regarding the material found below. The curriculum will have the following format:
-Reproduction - Life’s Greatest Miracle (video viewing guide - video online - link in the doc; along with anatomy sheets
male & female)
-STD/STI: PowerPoint -  STI DL with worksheet - STI questions - STD classwork
-Contraception: Methods of protection PowerPoint & excel methods of protection
-Participation point make up assignment 5-27, 6-3, and 6-19
-Family homework, available in English and Spanish - 10 pages
-One Google meeting. The instructor's computer screen will be shared and will show “Straight Talk: The Truth About STD’s” by Human Relations Media. The DVD in the office for parents to come and look at as well as a paper copy of everything here.